Five Restaurants Not to Miss In Hollywood

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Aug - 14 - 2013

Hollywood is known as the motion picture capital of the world. This land of glitz and glamour is also the location of several very nice restaurants.

Yamashiro Hollywood serves Asian fusion cuisine. This restaurant is open every night for dinner. Some popular entrees on the menu include Loch Durant Salmon, Jidori chicken and wagyu steak. The beautiful dining room is one this restaurants top attractions.

Franco on Melrose is open for lunch and dinner every day except Sunday. This Italian restaurant serves a vast array of pasta dishes.

Osteria La Buca serves Italian cuisine and offers a (more…)

Staying Safe while Having a Good Time

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Jun - 22 - 2013

A night club is a public venue (usually) where adults can hang out, have a drink and meet people. Lots of nightclubs have music, lights, dancing and, of course, television – and, interestingly enough, some of the major cable television services found on have been used to liven up the joint.

They can be exciting and a lot of fun, but you need to be careful because, with so many people mingling, there are bound to be a few bad apples. This, however, doesn’t mean you should avoid the night club scene – it just means you should keep your eyes open.

For example, you should always be able to see what the bartender is doing when your drink is being made. You should also NEVER accept a drink after it has been made and brought over to you by a stranger. It’s perfectly fine for a new face to buy you a drink at the bar, but never accept one if you can’t ensure it hasn’t been tampered with.

You should also make sure that you have a designated driver. Too many people die from drunk driving each year and it’s horrendous because that’s something that really can be avoided.

And, lastly, try to make it a group thing. Don’t lone wolf it since that can raise the risk.

Historic Restaurants And Nightclubs In Hollywood

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May - 16 - 2013

Historic Restaurants And Nightclubs In Hollywood

An Overview of Avalon Hollywood
The Avalon is a historic music venue and club in Hollywood, California. It is situated near the popular intersection of Hollywood And Vine. The Avalon has had a few name changes throughout its existence. The Avalon has been known as The Hollywood Playhouse, El Capitan Theatre, The Jerry Lewis Theatre, The WPA Federal Theatre, The Hollywood Palace and The Palace. In addition, some of the (more…)

A Guide To Dining Out With Children In Hollywood

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Mar - 24 - 2013

Many people believe that Hollywood is not the most family-friendly environment on Earth, and they do have a good point. However, there are plenty of ways that a family with children in tow can have an an enjoyable vacation in Hollywood. If you are going to dine with your children in Hollywood, it is recommended that you do not take very young children into fine dining establishments. They will not enjoy the food or the atmosphere, and you will not enjoy your experience in a restaurant of (more…)

Fresh California Cuisine–Find It All In Hollywood

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Jun - 13 - 2012

A great part of visiting any state or country while on vacation or even business is trying some of the food that comes from the area. When in Hollywood, there are some restaurants that serve food that is made using fresh California cuisine that you should check out.

Gordon Ramsay’s West Hollywood is one of these restaurants. The type of cuisine that is made is French, but it is influenced by different foods of this region. The menu also changes with the changing of seasons and fresh foods available for use. (more…)

A Guide To Ethnic Restaurants In Hollywood

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Jun - 1 - 2012

If you are looking to find the best ethnic restaurants in Hollywood, then you need to take a somewhat strategic approach. Remember that most people will go to Hollywood to enjoy and so it’s not a surprise that they would go there to try the amazing food. With so many choices, it can be tough to determine which foods are the best. This is why it is a good idea to simply just take your time around the city and see what they have to offer. Too many (more…)

The Five Top-Rated Restaurants In Hollywood

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May - 30 - 2012

Searching for the five top-rated restaurants in Hollywood finds some interesting and different choices.
A the top of the list you find Yamishiro. They are known for their CaiAsian cuisine. Elegantly placed on Hollywood’s hilltop they are known as “Mountain Palace”. “Best view” and “family owned” are comments you will hear about this popular dining place. Each bite or muddled cocktail will call you back for more.
You will find American comfort food with a cozy arts and craft atmosphere at Hollywood’s second restaurant pick. (more…)

How To Explore the Nightclubs Of Hollywood

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May - 28 - 2012

Nightclubs in general can be fun, exciting, sociable, and eventful spots to meet new people. This holds especially true for the nightclubs of Hollywood. Sometimes getting into these seemingly exotic escapes can prove to be a daunting task, unless you know the ropes – how to do a thing or two in the Hollywood club scene!

The thing about Hollywood is that not only is it home to the largest, most exclusive list of celebrities and multi-millionaires, it is the breeding ground of today’s chart topping music production, and is the Time Square of the movie (more…)

A Guide To Family-Friendly Restaurants In Hollywood

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May - 26 - 2012

When you are in Hollywood with the family the best thing to do is enjoy a nice meal with them. If you have children with you, your best bet will be a child friendly restaurant. Luckily, there are several of them located in Hollywood. Here are a few of the most popular kid friendly restaurants in Hollywood.

1. Lemonade
This is a wonderful restaurant with a delicious menu. The dishes and deserts are wonderful and so is the old (more…)

Five Restaurants Not

Hollywood is known as the motion picture capital of the ...

Staying Safe while H

A night club is a public venue (usually) where adults ...

Historic Restaurants

Historic Restaurants And Nightclubs In Hollywood An Overview of Avalon Hollywood The ...

A Guide To Dining Ou

Many people believe that Hollywood is not the most family-friendly ...

Fresh California Cui

A great part of visiting any state or country while ...